Sustainable Garden Tour 2023

June 17, 2023
9:30 a.m.

Directions and instructions to be issued upon registration

Click here to look back at the 2022 Sustainable Garden Tour

Welcome to Port Washington’s second Sustainable Garden Tour, organized by ReWild Long Island and The Port Washington Water District.

As part of our “Do It For Port” water conservation campaign, we invite residents to take part in a ‘show and tell’ of beautiful, low water, earth-friendly landscapes around Port Washington.

Feast your senses on bio-diverse and sustainable gardens that feature bird and pollinator-friendly native plants, strategies to reduce your lawn footprint, composting, organic fruits and vegetables, smart sprinklers and more. You’ll pick up ideas to create a great-looking garden that uses less water and fewer chemicals while saving time and money.

We are grateful for the homeowners and organizations sharing their properties and practices. 

***If inclement weather, please look for an e-mail from PWWD with instructions***

All guests will receive a welcome gift.


Note: Spots are limited. If for some reason you register and cannot attend, please e-mail so we can give your spot to someone else. Thank you.

Garden Tour Stops and Descriptions:

GARDEN: ReWild Garden at Dodge
FEATURE: A Community Showcase for Sustainable Landscaping

Designed by a core of dedicated volunteers, featuring:

  • Native perennials
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Composting
  • Water conservation

Quote from the host:
“We are an emerging sustainable space on the historic grounds of the 300-year-old Thomas Dodge Homestead.”


GARDEN: Marge and Val Schawaroch
FEATURE: A Colorful, Scent-Filled Surprise to Delight Every Season

  • A beautiful selection of pollinator friendly LOW-MAINTENANCE native plants to consider for your own home
  • No water irrigation, plus raingarden
  • Bird-friendly gardens
  • Dog-friendly gardens
  • Senior-adapted garden

Quote from the host:
“Evolution has resulted in plants that have survived to live in our native landscape. Work with nature and you will find yourself in a win-win situation. It is more beautiful, beneficial to wildlife, less work, less stress on our resources, and less costly to maintain.”


GARDEN: Kathy Coley
FEATURE: Garden Transitioning from Traditional and Exotic Plantings to Native Plants

  • Low-maintenance without outside help
  • Left the leaves to serve as over-winter mulch
  • Pollinator garden
  • Herb garden
  • Vegetable container garden

Quote from the host:
“Visitors to my garden will learn how to transition from a traditional to a sustainable garden requiring less watering and maintenance while using no fertilizers or pesticides. I found the pollinator garden design for my front yard on the ReWild Long Island website. Each year, I add a few more plants to attract birds, bees, and butterflies.”


GARDEN: Francine Furtado
FEATURE: Replacing Lawn with Trees, Shrubs and Wildflowers

  • No mow grass (tall fescue, red fescue)
  • Native species of grass, trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Pollinator and bird-friendly
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Food and garden composting
  • Smart irrigation

Quote from the host:
“In 2018, two years after moving into our new home, my family and I joined ReWild Long Island and began working with Rusty Schmidt of Nelson Pope to restore our yard to its natural habitat. Upon learning that 95% of our property was non-native and invasive, we decided to focus mainly on the front yard to begin this massive renovation.” 


GARDEN: Annemarie Ansel
FEATURE: Incorporating Phlox and Sunflowers

  • Long time gardener with vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • Native plants for pollinators and to reduce water usage
  • Fully organic with greenhouse and almost year-round interest
  • Driveway converted into a vast container garden
  • Shade gardening

Quote from the host:
“Every year I took out another piece of lawn and replaced it with a native garden.”


GARDEN: Margaret (Meg) & Charlie Desiervo
FEATURE: Creating an Elegant Landscape that is Sustainable and Attractive

  • Thyme lawn and lots of colors, berries, bees, and birds
  • Small property that delights pollinators, homeowners, and their dog
  • Composting with small barrel system
  • Rain barrel and drip water system

Quote from the host:
“You can do a lot with a small space, and yet make it look good. We have attracted a lot of attention on our street with curious neighbors, who are now starting to rewild their yards!”


GARDEN: Peggy Maslow
FEATURE: How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

  • Sun and shade flowering plants for all seasons
  • Predominantly native plants
  • Habitat and food for birds and pollinators
  • Low water garden with water reuse
  • No pesticides
  • Composting and Bokashi

Quote from the host:
“As a long-time member of North Shore Audubon, I try to look at my garden with the eyes of a bird. Birds can’t resist a pretty yard with plenty of delicious native seeds and caterpillars, as well as places to hide and forage.”


GARDEN: Joanne Strongin
FEATURE: Landscaping that Barely Needs Water

  • Mix of garden and turf in a tiny front yard
  • Doing a lot with little space and yet attracting plenty of pollinators
  • Lush and elegant, yet biodiverse and low-maintenance
  • Thyme path

Quote from the host:
“We love our little front yard where there is always something new happening. Our native plant-based design is very low-maintenance. Plants will thrive with just occasional watering.”