Lawn Irrigation and Watering

Water Restrictions

New Mandatory Irrigation Rules (click here for PDF)

Nassau County Ordinances

Nassau County Ordinance prohibits lawn watering between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Even-numbered addresses and non-numbered homes can water only on even-numbered days; odd-numbered addresses can water only on odd-numbered days.


Anyone wishing to have an underground sprinkler system installed must first obtain permission from the Port Washington Water District. You can download the application as a PDF. Contractors and interested consumers may download an application to install any new irrigation system. Additionally a backflow prevention device is required on all automatic underground systems. Backflow certification is required each year.

PWWD Irrigation Permit Procedure

While underground irrigation systems provide convenience in maintaining landscaping, not all systems are designed or installed for maximum efficiency. We have all seen driveways and sidewalks getting a good soaking along with the flowers, shrubs and lawns. New systems using updated technology are often 50% more efficient than traditional systems.

To ensure that residents are installing the most efficient and water conserving underground systems, the District is working with an independent consulting firm to review all applications from installers before construction begins. The Water District Irrigation Consultant reviews each application to be certain it meets the District’s Rules and Regulations for Operations of Underground Irrigation Systems, as well as providing more efficient alternatives to be considered.

This service costs $165 per review and is included in the application fees paid by the installing firm. Thus, this additional conservation program will not impact the overall District budget.

This input and protection has and will continue to positively impact our long-term efforts towards a more efficient usage of our water resources and minimize our customers’ year-to-year irrigation costs.


Watering of lawns, shrubs, trees, plants, and vegetation of any type is limited to a maximum of two hours a day on alternate days. Days are determined by your street address:

Even-numbered homes and non-numbered homes water on even-numbered days.

Odd-numbered homes water on odd-numbered days.

This schedule provides more than adequate irrigation

Remember, a lawn requires just one inch of rain per week for adequate maintenance. Flushing and/or spraying public streets, sidewalks, or private driveways for any purpose is prohibited.


For more information about Backflow and Backflow testing, click here.

Town of North Hempstead’s “Recycle the Rain” Program

The Port Washington Water District is a supporter of the Town of North Hempstead’s “Recycle the Rain” Program. The program offers District residents 50-gallon rain barrels at a discounted rate of $50 a barrel. By capturing and recycling rain for watering, residents can save as much as 1,800 gallons of water in one season. The water saved in the barrel is not to be used as drinking water, but the District endorses the program to encourage consumers to help conserve when and where possible.