About The Port Washington Water District

The mission of the Port Washington Water District centers on the understanding, appreciation and management of water, Earth’s greatest natural resource. Our concerns for the present and the future are global in nature and the issue of sustainability of the sole source aquifer in our community is our prime and immediate priority.

The PWWD Commitment to our Consumers

The 10 Essential Considerations of our Mission

  1. We pledge…to ensure public health and safety at all times by striving to provide an uninterrupted supply of quality water and by maintaining adequate storage reserves for all purposes, including fire protection.
  2. We will be ever vigilant…in monitoring and protecting our precious supply from all potential sources of contamination, including saltwater intrusion in our sole source aquifer.
  3. We are dedicated to…and will continue to strive towards a best practices program of water conservation for the needs of today and for future generations.
  4. We are fully committed…and actively champion the sustainability of our fresh water supply and the management of resources and infrastructure to protect our community’s future.
  5. We enlist…the cooperation and assistance of the public to recognize, appreciate and follow our conservation recommendations to reduce system vulnerability and to increase sustainability.
  6. We strongly support…ongoing communication and dissemination of information to all of our consumers.
  7. We will collaborate…with all federal, state, county and town authorities, as well as regulatory agencies and health authorities, to best address issues of drinking water quality.
  8. We will cooperate…with our neighboring water districts to study drinking water sustainability and to promote the development of a unified approach utilizing expert engineering and scientific resources.
  9. We request…the assistance of all residents of the Port Washington Water District, as well as those concerned citizens in our region and beyond, to protect this valuable resource for current and future generations.
  10. We will educate…all members of our community with information about conservation, infrastructure and the sustainability of our precious water resources.

Our commitment is unwavering…and the Commissioners, Superintendent and staff of the Port Washington Water District pledge to fulfill our mission with extreme diligence, superior service and the most efficient, economical and environmentally sound practices.

Ongoing Vigilance and Increasing Production

The Port Washington Water District has maintained and supported a policy of constant improvement by upgrading infrastructure and modernizing both monitoring and security. Today, the District serves 5-6 times the population of the early 20th century, with approximately 9,438 accounts and 30,000 people.

District Water Usage

In 2016, the District pumped 1,469,670,000 gallons of water. The District operates, manages and supervises 12 pumping wells and services 1,200 fire hydrants. All of this is accomplished with a staff of only 16 full-time employees. Visit our Consumption Charts page for more data on our annual pumpage.

Working with Local Utilities and Civic Partners

The District collaborates closely with the Port Washington Fire Department to provide adequate water flow to all hydrants. We also maintain a close working relationship with the Water Pollution Control District (Sewer District) and maintain long-standing synergistic relationships with local civic groups such as the Residents For A More Beautiful Port Washington. In addition, the District also belongs to a number of regional and national associations to keep up on current techniques and improvements. These associations are the Western Nassau County Aquifer Committee, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association (NSWCA) and Long Island Water Conference (LIWC).