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Beacon Hill Tank Update

As residents may be aware from previous community meetings and communications, Port Washington Water District will be replacing the Beacon Hill water tower in 2017. The current water tower has reached the end of its useful life, and a full tank replacement has been determined to be the best and most cost-effective option for the community. The tank replacement project will safeguard the continued health, safety and sustainability of the District’s water supply and distribution.

Bids for the project were solicited in January and after a thorough review of the bidder’s qualifications and experience, the project has been awarded to Caldwell Tanks, Inc. The tank contractor has been constructing portable water storage tanks in the United States since 1887. Their most recent and successfully completed project was for Manhasset-Lakeville Water District.

Chairman of the PWWD’s Board of Commissioners David Bracket explained that water tanks designed today are more resilient, easier to maintain and better equipped to optimize water pressure during times of peak demand and fire emergencies. “Replacing the tank now with one that meets today’s stringent safety and structural standards will guarantee this vital component of our water supply infrastructure is in sound condition for decades to come.”

This summer PWWD will hold an additional community briefing meeting to review the detailed work schedule and construction mitigation measures. Physical construction work at the site will begin in late August. For more details on the Beacon Hill water tower project, and additional updates, visit our Current Projects page.